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  1. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    UK Department of Transport statistics

    2375 reads The UK's Department of Transport provides a large amount of statistics for a wide field in transport. Within the scope of national statistics, it provides an accurate, comprehensive and...

  2. Case study
    08 July 2008

    Transporting cargo by e-bike in Berlin (Germany)

    1311 reads Walking and cycling Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Urban freight/city logistics Germany Berlin drive train – electric drive train – energy storage fuels – electric energy conventional...

  3. Case study
    31 August 2012

    Pedelec rental system at local car dealers in Weiz. Austria

    684 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Mobility management Walking and cycling Austria Weiz measures- campaigns measures- rental services Marketing strategies / branding improvement – quality of...

  4. Case study
    13 July 2011

    Emission-free last mile delivery service in London. UK

    711 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics United Kingdom London last-mile solutions (to customer) Within central London, an innovative emission-free last...

  5. Case study
    22 July 2011

    Emission- free delivery service with cargo bikes in central Cambridge. UK

    385 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics United Kingdom Cambridge last-mile solutions (to customer) In Cambridge, an innovative emission-free cycle...

  6. Event
    19 November 2015

    2015 Annual Polis Conference

    Language English 4865 reads Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions English The Annual Polis Conference provides an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport...

  7. Event
    07 October 2015

    CIVITAS Forum Conference 2015

    3413 reads Language English English 'Sharing the city' is the theme of this year's CIVITAS Forum Conference, with a focus on sustainable urban mobility as an important driver to build an...

  8. Facts & figures
    29 May 2015

    EEA: Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) reports

    5144 reads The annual TERM reports prepared by EEA help to track environmental performance of transport in the EEA member countries. The report uses a set of indicators that are regularly updated. European...

  9. Event
    06 July 2015

    Clean Air For European Cities

    2186 reads Language English English Air pollution has become the biggest environmental health risk with over 7 million deaths globally and 400 000 in Europe attributed to air pollution. The external health...

  10. Event
    16 September 2015

    European Mobility Week

    2062 reads Language English Every year between 16 and 22 September European local authorities participate in EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK, the core event of the campaign on sustainable urban mobility DO THE RIGHT...