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  1. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Swiss Mobility and Transport: Statistics

    2568 reads The Swiss Federal Statistics Offices regularly publishes mobility and transport related statistics for Switzerland. In addition, there is an annual publication: The Mobility and Transport Pocket...

  2. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Transport Statistics Great Britain

    2415 reads Transport Statistics Great Britain (TSGB) is the UK Department for Transport's main statistical compendium publication. It describes the major statistical trends in the British transport...

  3. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    TEMS modal split tool

    3286 reads The EPOMM project's TEMS tool aims to show the transport modal split of all cities in the EU with more than 100 000 inhabitants, of which there are more than 600. It also contains a number...

  4. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    ITF statistics section

    2443 reads The International Transport Forum homepage provides a good selection of different transport statistics. It collects data relevant to a range of transport policy issues, as well as maintaining...

  5. Facts & figures
    01 March 2010

    NZTA land transport statistics 2001-2009

    2290 reads This publication, produced by the New Zealand Transport Authority, records physical statistics, works completed, expenditure details and roughness data on local roads and state highways.  01 Mar...

  6. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    UK Department of Transport statistics

    2375 reads The UK's Department of Transport provides a large amount of statistics for a wide field in transport. Within the scope of national statistics, it provides an accurate, comprehensive and...

  7. Case study
    08 July 2008

    Transporting cargo by e-bike in Berlin (Germany)

    1311 reads Walking and cycling Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Urban freight/city logistics Germany Berlin drive train – electric drive train – energy storage fuels – electric energy conventional...

  8. Case study
    23 June 2011

    Socially responsible and sustainable recycling in Bucharest (Romania)

    920 reads Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics Launched by ViitorPlus NGO as a pilot project in September 2009, RECICLETA is the first carbon-neutral initiative in Romania. With the help of...

  9. Case study
    07 December 2012

    Encouraging people to shop by bike (UK)

    1055 reads Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics Northern Europe United Kingdom UK wide measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns user groups- leisure cyclists As part of its involvement in...

  10. Case study
    06 April 2007

    Introducing bicycle home delivery in Burgdorf (Switzerland)

    1325 reads Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics Mobility management Switzerland Burgdorf last-mile solutions (to customer) In 1997, a Bicycle Home Delivery Service was introduced in Burgdorf, a...