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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    19 November 2012

    Walking and cycling to shops in Murska Sobota (Slovenia)

    1756 reads Walking and cycling Slovenia Murska Sobota measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns Within the IEE funded project Active Access, a campaign to encourage walking and cycling to shops has...

  2. Case study
    28 January 2013

    “SYSTEM BICY”. a successful example of Bike Sharing in a small city. Velenje. Slovenia

    1454 reads Mobility management Walking and cycling Slovenia Velenje measures- awareness raising measures- rental services user groups- leisure cyclists measures- location-based services Velenje has...

  3. Case study
    26 February 2009

    Cycling training for primary school pupils in Maribor (Slovenia)

    494 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management To encourage cycling as a means of transport, principally for primary school pupils' trips to school, 'traffic reality' training and other...

  4. Case study
    06 August 2009

    On the move towards health (Slovenia)

    300 reads Walking and cycling Slovenia nation-wide This health project is based on the network of multi-disciplinary and multi-sector partners working together with mass media to promote HEPA (Health...

  5. Case study
    02 September 2012

    Raising awareness of sustainable mobility in Ljutomer (Slovenia)

    698 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management The aim of organising an 'active mobility day' in Ljutomer (Slovenia) was to raise awareness about environmentally friendly modes of transport and...

  6. News
    26 May 2011

    Ljubljana launches bike-share system (Slovenia)

    567 reads Ljubljana in Slovenia has entered the growing league of cities that have bicycle sharing systems. Its new bicycle sharing system, BICIKE(LJ), draws its name from the combination of 'bicikel&...

  7. Video
    13 January 2015

    Kolesarji na mostovih trajnostne mobilnosti

    1484 reads V evropskem projektu CIVITAS ELAN (www.civitasljubljana.si) smo se posvečali tudi spodbujanju kolesarjenja v Ljubljani in s tem namenom smo posneli ta video. Mestna občina Ljubljana je sprejela...

  8. Video
    04 December 2012

    Bicycle vs. car

    2450 reads The video "Bicycle vs. Car" explains the benefits of cycling in urban areas... in a fun way! Which transport mode is better? No doubt!  The video was launched in September 2010 and...

  9. Event
    07 October 2015

    CIVITAS Forum Conference 2015

    3413 reads Language English English 'Sharing the city' is the theme of this year's CIVITAS Forum Conference, with a focus on sustainable urban mobility as an important driver to build an...

  10. Case study
    03 July 2015

    Personal meetings increase walking and cycling among University of Ljubljana staff (Slovenia)

    3051 reads Urban mobility planning Public and stakeholder involvement Walking and cycling In Spring 2014, employees of four faculties of the University of Ljubljana were invited to one-to-one meetings to...