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  1. News
    15 December 2010

    Free public transportation in Krakow and Poznan (Poland)

    243 reads Due to extreme winter conditions on the roads of Poland, municipalities of two large polish cities decided to make all local public transportation free of charge for one day, in order to free up...

  2. News
    28 January 2011

    Poznañ to pilot cycle hire scheme (Poland)

    1087 reads The Board of City Transportation (ZTM) in Poznan (west Poland) is piloting a potential of automatic bike hire points. The pilot will target students and staff members at the University of Poznañ ...

  3. News
    07 April 2011

    Sixteen new bicycle towns” in Poland

    403 reads The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration will finance the creation of modern bicycle towns. Sixteen of them will be established by 2012 across the country, the first being in £êczna in...

  4. News
    12 April 2011

    Civil society triggers cycling-friendly changes to Polish Highway Code

    662 reads The Polish cycling movement has achieved great success with the adoption of a new Highway Code which gives more rights to cyclists. This follows years of public pressure on the parliament to make...

  5. News
    11 July 2011

    Cycling Association of Torun promotes cycling to work and school” (Poland)

    207 reads In June this year, the association ‘Rowerowy Toruñ’ (Cycling Torun) began a promotional campaign to encourage the use of bikes as a means of transport for city residents of all ages. The action...

  6. News
    18 July 2011

    New contra-flow bicycle lane in Szczecin (Poland)

    485 reads As part of the wider road modernisation programme in Szczecin new pedestrian and cycling improvements including a contra-flow cycle lane and pavement widening have been introduced. The first...

  7. News
    10 August 2011

    More kilometres of bicycle routes in Gdansk (Poland)

    342 reads The EU-supported project Development of Cycle Transport in the Tri-City in years 2007-2013” has achieved a new contract for building 6 kilometres of cycle routes in Gdansk. The main aim of the...

  8. News
    19 September 2011

    The best bicycle route in Poland has been built in Radom (Poland)

    412 reads Radom welcomes a newly built cycle lane which could be exemplary for other Polish towns. The investment has been supported by a local cyclists’ association. Radom’s new cycle lane is 3020 metres...

  9. News
    09 September 2011

    City hall of Szczecin employs bicycle officer (Poland)

    276 reads The authorities of the Polish town of Szczecin have created a new post at the city hall. A representative of the urban cycling interest has been picked out of 6 candidates and started work on...

  10. News
    17 November 2011

    Cinema ticket discounts for cyclists in Poznan (Poland)

    479 reads A recently opened cinema in Poznan is offering a special discount for cyclists. The offer is valid until the end of the year. A small picture house in Poznan called Orbis Pictus, created by a...