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  1. Case study
    04 April 2007

    The Trampe bicycle lift in Trondheim (Norway)

    3589 reads Walking and cycling Norway Trondheim planning- network design planning- user needs Trondheim is the first city in the world with a lift specifically designed for cyclists. The bicycle lift,...

  2. Case study
    03 August 2007

    Integrated Bicycle System- the City of Sandnes in Norway

    1343 reads Urban mobility planning Mobility management Walking and cycling Norway Sandnes Sandnes has about 56.000 inhabitants and lies in Norway. The city lies beneath a fjord and has a beautiful landscape...

  3. News
    12 August 2013

    Idea competition to foster Oslo’s cycling ambitions (Norway)

    1071 reads FutureBuilt invites the public to take part in the ideas competition Get a bike. Break free!. The vision is to make Oslo one of the best cycling regions in Europe. The bicycle is having a...

  4. News
    10 April 2014

    National Walking Strategy aims to get Norwegians moving

    1021 reads Norway's National Walking Strategy, developed by the Norwegian Public Road Administration, has now been adopted by the Norwegian government. With a mandate to set national targets for 2014-...

  5. Photo
    14 August 2015

    Public bikes in Oslo

    Carlos Corao 1137 reads Walking and cycling Image copyright: Carlos Corao  -  communicationpackage.com, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Norway Oslo ...

  6. News
    04 March 2016

    Norway to spend €850 m on cycle super-highways

    2017 reads Norway has outlined its intention to develop cycle super-highways as part of a new national transport plan unveiled on Monday. Two super-highways will be introduced in the capital, Oslo, and...