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  1. Case study
    30 October 2012

    New integrated and long term approach to the development of the cycle network in Liepaja (Latvia)

    570 reads Urban mobility planning Walking and cycling Latvia Liepaja cycling facilities The city of Liepaja has set up goals and started a large scale improvement programme for the cycle network for the...

  2. Case study
    05 December 2007

    A Study on Healthy Cycling in Jelgava (Latvia)

    379 reads Walking and cycling Latvia Jelgava Jelgava in Latvia implemented a study on healthy cycling with the support of the Baltic Sea Cycling project. The city of Jelgava project was a success in that it...

  3. News
    06 September 2012

    Exploring Riga by bike becomes more popular among tourists (Latvia)

    661 reads In 2011 the number of cyclists on the streets of Riga at least tripled compared with the previous year. Most trips are recreational, but there is a growing trend of bike commuting too. In Latvia,...

  4. News
    16 June 2014

    85 per cent of Latvians ride bicycles daily, new data reveals

    1051 reads A new survey shows that over eight in ten people in Latvia use a bike to get to work or school. But many respondents also indicated a number of areas that needed attention to improve cycling in...

  5. Case study
    31 March 2015

    Public events for personalised travel planning in Riga (Latvia)

    4638 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management The city of Riga is implementing PTP-Cycle, a personalised travel planning project which aims to affect a behaviour change away from private cars to...

  6. News
    29 June 2015

    New safety regulations for pedestrians and cyclists in Latvia

    1325 reads The Latvian Ministry of Transport is introducing new traffic regulations to protect vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. The new measures, which include the construction of...