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    25 January 2021

    Helsinki announces expansion of public bike sharing scheme

    видяно 47 пъти The City Government of the Finnish capital Helsinki has approved a decision to extend the city's bike sharing service. The bike service will be expanded with 105 new stations and 1,050...

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    23 March 2018

    Finland plans to boost electric bicycle sales with €400-incentive

    1142 reads   Finland plans to incentivise e-bikes on a large scale: The Ministry of Transport and Communications reports on a government proposal to dedicate €16.3 M of funding for the period July 2018 –...

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    26 May 2017

    The success of Helsinki's bike sharing scheme

    719 reads Sometimes things work better a second time round. That is certainly proving the case for Helsinki's bike sharing scheme. It initially ran from 2000-2009, but when it was stopped under half of...

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    07 November 2016

    Espoo citizens test app to help fix cycle lanes (Finland)

    2097 reads The city of Espoo has launched a trial where citizens use their smartphones to help local authorities identify road infrastructure that needs to be fixed. By using their phone cameras, residents...

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    09 December 2015

    New de-icing agent for cycle lanes tested in Helsinki (Finland)

    1549 reads The Helsinki public works department is this winter testing a new de-icing method on bicycle lanes and walking paths. Like many other cities, Helsinki typically uses gravel or salt to help melt...

  6. Video
    05 June 2014

    Promotion of winter cycling in Oulu, Finland

    6071 reads Cycling maps and online route planners provide useful information to support the activity of winter cycling in Oulu, Finland. In recent times, local residents and the media have taken part in...