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  1. Case study
    29 June 2012
  2. Case study
    25 February 2013
  3. Case study
    01 September 2006
  4. News
    05 September 2011

    Underground art greets cyclists and pedestrians in Brno (Czech Republic)

    832 lectures In a novel approach to street enhancement, a dynamic, coloured light show greets pedestrians and cyclists who go through an underpass in Brno. An installation, unique in the Czech Republic and...

  5. News
    01 March 2012

    German Bicycle Academy helps Czech, Slovak and Polish cities to become more cycle friendly

    1099 reads A new European project called Central MeetBike will help to improve conditions for cycling by promoting the exchange of experiences and launching a new education programme. Until recently, the...

  6. News
    08 February 2013

    Cycle tower parking introduced at Hradec Kralove rail station (Czech Republic)

    2498 reads A Czech bicycle importer has installed an automated cycle parking tower at a railway station in the city of Hradec Kralove. The tower can hold up to 117 bicycles on seven tiers. Velo, which...

  7. News
    20 February 2013

    Bicycling advances in Central Europe

    618 reads The final European Conference of the Central Europe project BICY – Cities and Regions of Bicycles was characterized by an amazing spirit of optimism despite a rather limited support for cycling...

  8. News
    08 October 2014

    New cycle path planned in Blansko (Czech Republic)

    1456 reads Work on a new cycle path stretching between the town of Blansko and Brno, the Czech Republic's second-largest city, is set to begin following the news that funds for its construction will be...

  9. News
    30 October 2014

    Czech railway line transformed into cycle path

    2470 reads A new cycle path that follows the route of an old railway line has been opened between the cities of Hostašovice and Nový Jičín in the east of the Czech Republic. The 10-km route links villages...

  10. News
    08 May 2015

    Zlín expands cycle network (Czech Republic)

    1371 reads The Czech city of Zlín is planning to expand its cycle network to a total length of more than 22km. This includes developing 5km of cycle lanes and paths in the city centre, linking the busiest...