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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Modern and efficient public transport system

    8754 reads A modern and high-quality public transport is the backbone of urban transport. Against the door-to-door trip by private car, a more sustainable model of public transport should offer passengers...

  2. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Walking and cycling

    2143 reads Walking and cycling are emission-free modes of transport that do not need energy (except human power) and fuels. This means that walking and cycling are very compatible for urban mobility....

  3. Training material
    30 June 2011

    An introduction to cycling

    4351 reads Cycling is often the key element of successfully encouraging clean urban transport. Cycling is emission-free and doesn’t need energy (except human power) and fuels. This means that cycling is...

  4. Training material
    30 June 2011

    Budapest bicycling: which way forward?

    4003 reads In this training material background information is given on the cycling history in Budapest, how cycling in the city has grown into a critical mass and what influence this can have on cycling...

  5. Training material
    13 April 2012

    PRESTO cycling policies

    2380 reads PRESTO or Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode is all about competence building in cycling policies. Its training materials for training workshops on implementing cycling...

  6. Training material
    23 May 2013

    Encouraging more walking & cycling for local trips

    2641 reads These training materials have been developed to disseminate the lessons learned from the Active Access project and to support people in other communities (local authority, health agency or energy...

  7. Training material
    12 April 2016

    CIVITAS e-course: bike-sharing

    1483 reads The concept of sustainable modes of transport is receiving increasing attention, as cities explore innovative ways to decrease motorised traffic and carbon emissions. Bike-sharing is one of these...

  8. Training material
    06 June 2016

    Online course on AMC: a direct marketing tool to increase rural public transport use

    4403 reads The Smart Move project promotes the use of public transport in rural areas through the active mobility consultancy (AMC) concept. The central objective of the project is to promote the use of...

  9. Training material
    15 June 2016

    SWITCH e-course: Developing an effective active travel campaign

    4564 reads The course is intended to facilitate the development of an ‘Implementation Scenario’ for your own SWITCH campaign and consists of two main elements: 1. Six training units in the same order as the...

  10. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Promoting bicycle traffic

    2756 reads Still-increasing private motorisation results in unsustainable traffic congestion and air pollution in cities and regions of Central Europe. By designing and implementing trans-national, cross...