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    15 August 2011

    Stockholm invests in bicycle traffic solutions (Sweden)

    970 reads Daily, around 150.000 bikes move among the inner city traffic in Stockholm and this figure is gradually increasing, resulting in a need to make better provisions for these road users. Examples of...

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    17 September 2012

    International interest in The Invisible Bicycle Helmet” (Sweden)

    Vimeo. Source: ABC News Sweden Walking and cycling ...

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    03 June 2013

    CHAMP city in the spotlight: Örebro (Sweden)

    573 reads Örebro is in the CHAMP spotlight: with a cycle mode share of 25%, this Swedish municipality has clear aspirations to do even better and rebuild the city to further promote bike use. The third...

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    12 February 2014

    Örebro commits to improvements after review of cycling in the city (Sweden)

    1230 reads Despite its excellent record on cycling, Örebro is determined to improve cycling figures through its new cycling strategy. The Swedish city has a high proportion of cyclists among its population....

  5. News
    27 February 2014

    Cycle parking at the airport in Umeå (Sweden)

    894 reads Though air transport is generally unsustainable and a source of damaging carbon emissions, innovative measures can reduce the environmental impact of travellers throughout their journeys. Seeking...

  6. News
    03 March 2015

    Stockholm to build car-free parking lot (Sweden)

    2555 reads Stockholm’s new parking lot will be different to others in the city in one key regard: instead of cars, it will house 700 bicycles. ‘The city of the future is not one built around the car as a...

  7. News
    16 August 2018

    CIVITAS ECCENTRIC workshop- replicating sustainable urban mobility measures

    1184 reads The CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project is holding a workshop from 17-18 September in Stockholm, Sweden, that will give participants insight into the innovative work being undertaken in its five project...

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    17 October 2019

    Why is the difference in cycling between Copenhagen and Stockholm so substantial?

    6 reads Why is there such a remarkable difference in the cycling levels between the two Scandinavian capital cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm? The two cities are generally considered to be culturally...