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  1. News
    23 March 2011

    New Orvieto pedibus video presented in Brussels (Italy)

    2587 reads The pedibus “Strade di Casa” (streets of home) promoted by the Municipality of Orvieto (Italy), was presented in Brussels in early March during the conference on Shared Social Responsibility of...

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    15 April 2011

    PRESTO makes cycling the choice for everyone!

    2445 reads In just their 4th on-site training workshop (March 30th-31st) in Venice (Italy), the PRESTO project is already making local councils and planners alike rethink their approach to establishing...

  3. News
    20 September 2011

    Frequent bikers on the rise in Italy (Italy)

    517 reads In the last 10 years, the number of Italian citizens who make regular use of their bike (3 to 4 times) during the working week has risen from 2,9% to 13,6% of the total population. In absolute...

  4. News
    12 September 2011

    Tetes de Bois do eco-concert in Bari (Italy)

    289 reads The folk rock band Tetes de Bois will perform the songs of their latest album Goodbikes on a pedal stage in the port of Bari on the 15th September. The energy required for the concert will be...

  5. News
    17 January 2012

    A T” revolution to walk and cycle in the centre of Bologna (Italy)

    2473 reads The Municipality of Bologna successfully launched the first edition of the T Days last September for the 2011 European Mobility Week and recently repeated the initiative on the weekend of 3-4...

  6. News
    26 January 2012

    A new way of travelling by bicycle: the subway” network of Pesaro (Italy)

    376 reads “Bicipolitana” is a project for the development of a surface subway network for bikes in Pesaro. The scheme is like the one adopted for subway/underground networks all around the world. The basis...

  7. News
    26 January 2012

    Bologna is searching for cities across Europe to join cycling challenge (Italy)

    993 reads The city of Bologna and the local transport authority SRM will launch a contest of European cities to challenge each other on transport cycling mileage in May 2012. Cities interested in joining...

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    06 February 2012

    Winter contest in Trento: go to work by bike and win (Italy)

    427 reads The Mobility Office of the Municipality of Trento has launched the winter edition of the contest go by bike to work... even in winter. The initiative, which was proposed with success last spring,...

  9. News
    23 May 2012

    A cycling calendar for Bolzano (Italy)

    1616 reads The city of Bolzano has presented both new and established cycling initiatives in a single cycling calendar. For several years Bolzano has been committed to reducing the presence of cars in the...

  10. News
    23 May 2012

    Naples closes seaside avenue to motorised traffic (Italy)

    1762 reads Residents of Naples are enjoying the benefits of 5 km of seaside avenue being reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. More than 5 kilometres of via Caracciolo, the avenue along the Naples...