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  1. News
    21 February 2011

    Cycling in Oulu wins annual sustainable transport prize (Finland)

    1375 reads The Finnish national Fit For Life Programme has awarded the municipality of Oulu with the 2010 annual Sustainable Transport Act prize. Oulu was awarded the prize for its long-spanning and...

  2. News
    18 March 2011

    Cyclists should be treated like motorists (Finland)

    494 reads Cycling plans should look more like motorised traffic plans instead of resembling pedestrian traffic plans. These are the findings of the PYKÄLÄ project which investigated cycling and walking as a...

  3. News
    19 April 2011

    Kokkola cycling town of the year in Finland (Finland)

    339 reads Finland rewards it's most cycle-minded town with the title Cycling Town of the Year. This year the town of Kokkola has the honour. Finland biking (Suomi Pyöräilee)- co-operation committee...

  4. News
    13 May 2011

    Dedicated national strategy for cycling and walking (Finland)

    2566 reads The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has completed a new national strategy on walking and cycling with a final target to be reached in 2020 The Finnish Ministry of Transport and...

  5. News
    17 August 2011

    Bicycle tourism, a growing trend in Finnish archipelago

    479 reads Environmentally friendly bicycle tourism is gaining popularity in South-West Finnish archipelago. Years of hard work on developing and marketing the South West Finnish archipelago ring road is...

  6. News
    02 September 2011

    Helsinki adopts walking buses for schools (Finland)

    2601 reads Children learn their way to school easier by walking it themselves rather than sitting on the back seat of a car. To encourage walking to school, schools in Helsinki have adopted walking buses....

  7. News
    09 February 2012

    Winter cycling competition in Finland

    445 reads Finland is known for its cool climate, but also for its active outdoor inhabitants. A new initiative is currently gathering teams to participate in the “Winter Kilometre” competition. The idea is...

  8. News
    14 February 2012

    Finnish cities promote cycling and walking

    2139 reads Today, the urban traffic system is still based on the functionality of motorised traffic. Solutions and good practices in promoting cycling and walking around Europe are presented in a...

  9. News
    14 March 2012

    National Action Plan for cycling and walking (Finland)

    2944 reads The Finnish Transport Agency has published its National Walking and Cycling Action Plan 2020. The action plan complements the National Walking and Cycling Strategy that was released last year by...

  10. News
    20 March 2012

    Chocolate calculator has encouraged people to cycle and walk (Finland)

    2333 reads Both decision-makers and members of the general public are interested in cutting carbon emissions. Under the Julia 2030 project, a variety of instruments and incentives have been developed to...