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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    05 August 2008
  2. Case study
    05 December 2008
  3. Case study
    20 August 2009
  4. Case study
    25 October 2010
  5. News
    02 September 2011

    Long-term study on the relationship between obesity and driving (USA)

    606 reads Individual motorised traffic and obesity have both increased in industrialised countries in recent decades and a new long-term study in the USA has demonstrated a strong correlation between the...

  6. News
    31 January 2012

    San Francisco and Medellín win 2012 Sustainable Transport Award

    931 reads San Francisco, USA and Medellín, Colombia were declared the winners of the 8th annual Sustainable Transport Award. This year’s slate of nominees is unique in that the two winners, and the two...