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    08 August 2018

    Ride sharing and public transport in the US

    1353 reads CityLab reports on the increasing number of partnerships between public transport providers and ride-hailing companies, such as Lyft and Uber, in the United States. Twenty seven US cities, of...

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    30 August 2016

    Use data not surveys for urban planning, say researchers

    1907 reads Analysing big-data could give city planners better information to help them develop new transport infrastructure, new research suggests. Researchers from the  Massachusetts Institute of...

  3. News
    28 July 2016

    Study shows one-way carsharing cuts traffic

    1757 reads Flexible one-way carsharing models can complement existing mass transport options, reduce the number of vehicles on the road and improve mobility in densely populated urban areas, a new US study...

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    20 July 2016

    Better data can get kids walking & cycling more

    1905 reads A new study from the US says that having better access to data can help get kids walking and cycling to school. In its report, the nonprofit Safe Routes to School National Partnership says that...

  5. News
    24 August 2015

    California builds first protected intersection for bikes in the US

    1498 reads The city of Davis in California has finished work on a Dutch-inspired protected intersection to make travel safer for cyclists- the first such infrastructure in the United States. Built with the...

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    24 June 2015

    US study finds physically active cities are more productive

    2764 reads Research carried out by the University of California has found that investing in cycling, walking, public transport and green spaces has significant economic returns. Over 500 existing studies in...

  7. News
    07 October 2014

    New study links traffic pollution to childhood obesity

      For more information, read the European Commission's Science for Environment Policy News Alert. ...

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    29 April 2014

    Innovative SmartWalk system leads the way in the US

    920 reads A system displaying many different city transport options is helping pedestrians from seven US cities to make informed choices on they get from A to B. Modes of transport from buses, metros, car...

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    17 March 2014

    Bike-friendly intersections work to protect cyclists

    901 reads There is more and more recognition of the need for separate, protected cycle lanes in cities, but the problem of how to safely negotiate intersections remains for cyclists. An urban planner in the...

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    18 February 2014

    Transforming public space in New York City (USA)

    2123 reads Simple changes to the busiest parts of Manhattan have already increased quality of life for visitors and residents. Officials from New York City (USA) visited Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2007 with...