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  1. News
    22 March 2021

    Multiple funds in Italy are supporting the development of sustainable mobility

    20 visninger While the pandemic has had its costs, in terms of lives and its impact on the economy, the crisis has also presented major opportunities for innovation. In Italy, European and national funds...

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    24 February 2021

    Mobility aids for homeless people and large families in Emilia Romagna Region

    37 lecturas Social public funds for €1.5 million are available in the Emilia Romagna Region to support the mobility program. Public transport has become more supportive in the Emilia Romagna Region in Italy...

  3. News
    25 January 2021

    Italian guidance published on “Urban logistics in an integrated vision”

    видяно 46 пъти The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has published guidance for cities on taking an integrated approach to urban logistics. The document aims to deal with the challenges...

  4. News
    18 January 2021

    Coronavirus changes cities: Cycle paths boom in Italy

    15 reads The Coronavirus pandemic has clearly accelerated the development of soft mobility in Europe. In Italy, there is no doubt that the Mobility Bonus (under which subsidies of up to €500 are provided...

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    08 December 2020
  6. Case study
    13 November 2020
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    14 December 2020

    Florence to introduce vehicle access regulation to reduce air pollution

    letto 29 volte The Italian city of Florence has agreed a new plan that aims to reduce air pollution and improve people’s quality of life. The city will implement a 'Green Shield', which is a low...

  8. News
    03 November 2020

    Italy provides funds to improve cycle paths, bike parking and safety

    letto 19 volte In Italy, the national Decree that had been previously proposed by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (MIT) to provide funds for urban cycling has been published. The Decree, which...

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    30 September 2020

    Ten lessons learned from the lockdown to improve Urban mobility

    16 reads Ten lessons have been learned during the 2020 Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic lockdown. These lessons have been suggested by the Italian protagonists of the IV National Conference on shared...

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    16 September 2020

    E-scooter-sharing service spreading in Italy, arrived also in Parma

    46 reads A new micromobility service dedicated to free-floating shared e-scooters arrived in Parma at the beginning of this month. The service is managed by three different companies which have been awarded...