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  1. Event
    09 October 2014

    International Conference: Climate Change and Transport

    Language English 549 reads English Organised by: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research Conference Topics: GHG mitigation in surface transport GHG...

  2. Event
    26 November 2014

    PUMAS: Institutional Cooperation in urban and regional mobility Michael Christian LAUBENHEIMER ...

  3. Event
    20 November 2014

    Sustainable urban mobility planning: innovative approaches for boosting bike use, public transport and energy...

    2018 reads Language English The event is organised in the framework of the  BUMP- Boosting Urban ... official languages of the event are German and English and a simultaneous translation service will be ...

  4. Event
    15 April 2015

    CARE-North plus Final Conference

    1183 reads Language English The aim of the CARE-North plus project is to develop a comprehensive, strategic and practical approach to urban and regional transport/accessibility in the North Sea Region in...

  5. Event
    09 March 2015

    Hamburg Urban Transport Weeks 2015

    Language English 2876 reads Lectures and Certificate on Sustainable Urban Transport Worldwide English Transport is one of the most pressing global issues of the future. The world needs determined and...

  6. Event
    22 May 2015

    Boosting start-ups and SMEs for smart urban mobility

    1482 reads Language English Linking accelerators and cities English This conference will take place back-to-back with the annual meeting of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and...

  7. Event
    21 May 2015

    General Assembly of the Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities

    practice to create solutions that meet cities’ and citizens’ needs.   The event will be opened by Violeta ...

  8. Event
    28 May 2015

    Practically deploying innovation in urban transport

    Language English 1140 reads English The EU-funded  TIDE  and SOLUTIONS urban mobility projects are hosting a workshop at the Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum  in Leipzig on the practical...

  9. Event
    06 July 2015

    Clean Air For European Cities

    Language English 2804 reads English Air pollution has become the biggest environmental health risk with over 7 million deaths globally and 400 000 in Europe attributed to air pollution. The external health...

  10. Event
    12 April 2016

    3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Bremen

    92968 reads Language English More info coming soon! English This is the principal annual event for ... Germany with other sustainable mobility events taking place at times directly before and after the 3rd...