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  1. Case study
    06 November 2012
  2. News
    22 March 2011

    Estonia to promote use of electric cars under a Green Investment Scheme

    590 reads The Government of the Republic of Estonia has approved the sale of 10 million AAUs to the Mitsubishi Corporation. Under a Green Investment Scheme the proceeds will be invested in establishing a...

  3. News
    23 November 2011

    Estonian social workers get electric cars (Estonia)

    690 reads Estonia is not letting its small size be an obstacle for finding unconventional solutions to conventional problems. Starting with 5 Tallinn social workers, 507 municipality employees and social...

  4. News
    05 December 2011

    Fast charging station in Tallinn (Estonia)

    510 reads A new charging station in Tallinn offers a fast charging facility and the possibility to pay via a mobile phone. Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management, and EMT, a telephone...

  5. News
    22 August 2012

    Nationwide charging station network for electric cars to be installed in Estonia (Estonia)

    614 reads The nation’s first fast charging station for electric cars has been opened in Tallinn’s Ülemiste City technology park. The station is part of the nationwide charging station network that the state...

  6. News
    22 October 2012

    Nation’s first electric taxi contributes to growing electro-mobility (Estonia)

    1720 reads This summer, Estonia’s first electric taxi service started. Sale of Kyoto emissions credits and a nationwide project to build the infrastructure for electric cars makes Estonia one of the leading...

  7. Case study
    29 April 2015
  8. Event
    23 May 2019

    Smart City for the Citizens 2019

    Language English 492 reads This year, the Smart City for the Citizens conference will focus on data and AI as game changers for cities today and in the future.  Key topics will include: How to harness the...