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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    11 February 2013
  2. Case study
    01 April 2008
  3. News
    12 July 2013

    Bike flies above the fray (Czech Republic)

    1093 reads Although city traffic can be calmed, managed and sometimes even reduced, it’s been impossible thus far to avoid it. But a Czech technology firm is developing a vehicle with just this potential –...

  4. News
    08 July 2014

    Electric bus finishes awareness-raising tour of Czech Republic

    1611 reads Škoda’s electric Perun bus has completed a nationwide tour of the Czech Republic in Plze? as a demonstration of the possibilities of electric public transport. A number of cities across the Czech...

  5. Event
    19 February 2013

    Prospects for the Development and Use of CNG in Transport

    Language English 390 reads English The objective of the conference is to enhance CNG, LNG in transport, infrastructure with a sufficient number of refuelling stations, support growth in the number of CNG...

  6. News
    03 November 2014

    Plzeň fast-charging buses to begin operation (Czech Republic)

    1576 reads Two rapid-charging electric buses are set to be introduced in the Czech city of Plzeň from early 2015, thanks to an EU-funded project that develops zero-emission bus transport. The Škoda Perun...

  7. Video
    02 March 2015

    Electromobility in Prague

    3246 reads Electromobility is a project of the City of Prague which supports the development of electric-mobility in the Czech capital city. The aim is to test and promote the use of electric two-track and...

  8. News
    03 August 2015

    Prague tests electric buses (Czech Republic)

    5216 reads The city of Prague is testing new electric buses with a view to fully introducing the vehicles on routes in September this year. The aim of the testing is to verify the operational, technical and...

  9. Case study
    16 November 2015
  10. News
    09 February 2018

    Czech Republic invests in alternative fuel infrastructure

    1521 reads In a press release, the Czech Ministry of Transport has announced that it will invest up to CZK 130 million (around EUR 5.1 million) from European funds into electric vehicle charging stations...