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  1. News
    02 March 2011

    New taxation policy would give Sweden more fuel-efficient cars

    534 reads Fuel-hungry cars with high emissions of carbon dioxide should be taxed according to the French model claims environmental expert, Per Kågeson, in his new report to Swedish Ministry of Economics....

  2. News
    29 June 2011

    Stockholms congestion charge on the political agenda again (Sweden)

    997 reads An active network of politicians and influential actors calling for doubling the congestion charge fees, has brought the issue to the political agenda again. The congestion charge in Stockholm was...

  3. News
    05 August 2011

    Video on No ridiculous car trips

    688 reads The successful mobility campaign No ridiculous car trips in Malmö is now presented with a short film on Youtube. The film shows how City of Malmö promotes bicycling with attitude. The City of...

  4. News
    15 August 2011

    Stockholm invests in bicycle traffic solutions (Sweden)

    970 reads Daily, around 150.000 bikes move among the inner city traffic in Stockholm and this figure is gradually increasing, resulting in a need to make better provisions for these road users. Examples of...

  5. News
    04 October 2011

    Traffic chaos- the future for growing cities (Sweden)

    733 reads Stockholm is facing 4 to 5 years of traffic chaos for both public transport and private mobility. Due to urban sprawl, a large-scale restructuring of the commuter train and metro system is needed....

  6. News
    07 October 2011

    Attempt on City Bus in Karlskrona heading for failure (Sweden)

    449 reads A trial of a City Bus in Karlskrona (Sweden) that started in December last year is drifting towards failure as it fails to attract sufficient passengers. The plan for a faster City Bus run by...

  7. News
    31 October 2011

    First biogas fueled train moves from coastal Sweden to the inland

    train (en) (se) Sveriges radio (se) Svensk energi (en) Picture source: Niklas Nordblad, 2006, ...

  8. News
    20 June 2012

    Road traffic speeds: status, attitudes and measures (Sweden)

    734 reads VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, was commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to analyse major problems and challenges concerning speed, and to identify...

  9. News
    24 July 2012

    Recommendations on monitoring pedestrian and bicycle traffic published (Sweden)

    518 reads A Swedish research project has produced an overview of methods for estimating pedestrian and cycle traffic in Sweden and abroad. The project gives practical recommendations to local authorities...

  10. News
    17 September 2012

    International interest in The Invisible Bicycle Helmet” (Sweden)

    Vimeo. Source: ABC News Sweden Walking and cycling ...