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  1. Video
    28 May 2014

    Use technology in regular teaching

    2156 reads Barcelona Eltis Traffic and demand management ...

  2. Video
    05 June 2014

    Car pooling in Zagreb (Croatia)

    1989 reads Croatia Zagreb Other Civitas Elan Zagreb Mobility management ...

  3. Video
    05 June 2014

    Safe public transport use for elderly citizens in Zagreb (Croatia)

    2160 reads Croatia Zagreb Other Civitas Elan Zagreb Mobility management ...

  4. Tool
    18 March 2013

    Successfully involving stakeholders

    2391 reads Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of any decision-making process and is recognised by transport practitioners and decision-makers as a critical factor for successful implementation of...

  5. Tool
    14 June 2012

    Mobility management for older citizens

    1261 reads The AENEAS project's  Staying Mobile: A guide to mobility management in ageing societies  report is an in-depth review of innovative case studies from across Europe to encourage the use of...

  6. Tool
    01 April 2011

    Involving older stakeholders

    1289 reads The AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook is intended to encourage organisations which are not familiar with stakeholder involvement to try out some of the tools and techniques in their own...

  7. Tool
    20 August 2013

    Encouraging walking and cycling

    1336 reads This edition of 'Studies on Mobility and Transport Research' addresses the question of how to encourage people to walk and cycle in urban areas.  It highlights the implementation of...

  8. Tool
    12 August 2011

    Developing and improving bicycle parking

    1130 reads This brochure, created during the BICY project, gives detailed information about quality criteria, site-planning and determination of parking needs for bicycle parking facilities. It is available...

  9. Tool
    17 May 2012

    Calculating regional biomethane demand

    1510 reads The Falköping Model enables users to estimate market demand for biomethane in a region from evolving gas vehicle fleets, and estimate supply capabilities from a range of production and...

  10. Tool
    06 March 2013

    Sustainable mobility for business and industry

    1659 reads Developing sustainable mobility measures for companies, business or industrial zones can be done in numerous ways across all mobility modes. Mobility managers and officers can utilise these...