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    27 June 2019

    New electric-fuelled buses coming soon in Romania

    550 reads Several Romanian cities are currently renovating their public transport fleets, replacing older and dirtier vehicles with brand new eco-friendly ones, generally leaning toward electric-vehicles....

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    17 May 2019

    New electric scooters rental services are going to be launched in Romania

    1469 reads Two Romanian startups recently launched electric scooter rental services in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The first, known as “Flow”, will launch in June 2019 in both Bucharest and Cluj...

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    18 June 2018

    The Romanian Government allocates funds to renew public transport fleet across the country

    1749 reads Last week the Romanian Government approved the funding of more than €400 million of European funds to provide brand new trams, trolleybuses and electric buses across the country. Funds will also...

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    25 October 2016

    Third of new Bucharest buses to be electric (Romania)

    1269 reads The mayor of Bucharest has announced that 30 per cent of the new buses that are being purchased by the city's public transport operator RATB will be electric. ‘We are preparing extremely...

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    29 August 2016

    Cluj-Napoca first Romanian city to introduce electric buses

    3636 reads Romania's second-largest city will become the first in the country to use fully electric buses in 2017. The municipality has already begun the procurement process for 30 electric buses,...

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    20 May 2016

    Romania rolls out improved incentives for purchasing e-vehicles

    2244 reads The Romanian government has announced that it will spend 220 million Romanian leu (€ 48.85m) on encouraging people to scrap their older cars and buy cleaner vehicles. One of the first measures...

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    22 June 2015

    Botoşani mayor commits to electric public transport (Romania)

    3296 reads The mayor of the northern Romanian city of Botoşani has announced that the city will replace its entire public transport fleet with electric vehicles. 'Botoşani could become the first...

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    25 February 2015

    New electric buses and parking strategy for Bucharest (Romania)

    1506 reads From March 2015 Bucharest will be home to two new electric buses and will begin developing a new parking management system. The buses, which can travel up to 250 kilometres daily when charged...

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    04 December 2014

    Romanian cities plan electric bus line

    2265 reads The Romanian cities of Deva and Hunedoar are planning to run electric buses on a new 20 km bus route that is set to be completed by 2016. The € 22m project is a joint initiative between the...

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    04 August 2014

    Suceava goes electric to help cut carbon emissions (Romania)

    1107 reads A € 2.55m electromobility project is being introduced in Suceava to cut carbon emissions and help the municipality meet its overall CO2 reduction targets. The north-eastern Romanian city hopes...