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    08 September 2021

    USER-CHI peer learning programme- second call to become a fellow city!

    81 reads USER-CHI is an industry-powered, city-driven and user-centric project that co-creates and demonstrates eMobility solutions in five connecting nodes of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian...

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    06 August 2021

    Province of Noord-Holland goes for zero-emission buses

    of Noord-Holland has launched the country’s first zero-emission bus concession in the Region Gooi en ...

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    27 July 2021

    Field trial begins to integrate electric vehicles into the electricity system

    A field trial with 50 BMW i3s has kicked off in Germany, as part of the research project ‘Bidirectional charging management' (BDL), that will integrate electric vehicles into the electricity grid, using...

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    16 July 2021

    E-mobility actors call for binding targets on charging infrastructure

    A network of e-mobility actors has written a joint letter to the European Commission (EC), calling for strong EU regulation to replace the outdated Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive with binding...

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    09 July 2021

    In Gdynia you can charge a car thanks to trolleybuses

    26 reads The first mobile charging station for electric cars powered by a trolleybus network was built in Gdynia, Poland. It is a joint project of the City of Gdynia and the municipal trolleybus transport...

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    30 June 2021

    Overview of recent announcements to phase out the internal combustion engine

    The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has published an overview of government targets for phasing out the sale of new passenger cars using the internal combustion engine. ...

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    24 June 2021

    USER-CHI peer learning programme is open – become a Berlin fellow city!

    Through the USER-CHI peer learning programme, we are now recruiting two fellow cities willing to learn, exchange and further develop their e-Mobility plans based on the experience and lessons learned of...

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    08 June 2021

    New CIVITAS publication reveals tested and effective sustainable mobility solutions

    What measures did three recent CIVITAS Living Lab projects find most effective in their efforts to drive sustainable mobility forward? ...

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    25 May 2021

    First LNG trucks launched by supermarket in Malta

    Two LNG-fuelled trucks have been put into use by a supermarket chain in Malta, which are the first to be trialled by a retailer in the country. ...

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    22 April 2021

    Rationalisation of the electric public transport system in Maribor

    20 reads The Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia, commissioned experts from the University of Ljubljana to prepare a study about the best economic and technical solutions for the electrification of a bus line...