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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Tool
    18 March 2013

    Successfully involving stakeholders

    2391 reads Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of any decision-making process and is recognised by transport practitioners and decision-makers as a critical factor for successful implementation of...

  2. Tool
    01 April 2011

    Involving older stakeholders

    1289 reads The AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook is intended to encourage organisations which are not familiar with stakeholder involvement to try out some of the tools and techniques in their own...

  3. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Public participation in sustainable transport

    894 reads Consultation and participation of key stakeholders and members of the public when developing sustainable transport measures is a valuable process, helping to drive public acceptance and design...

  4. Tool
    01 January 2004

    Good practice in stakeholder engagement

    1026 reads Developing sustainable transport solutions, whether involving new infrastructure, services, or communications activities, requires the involvement and engagement of relevant stakeholders to...

  5. Case study
    03 July 2012

    Promoting car-free kid-friendly streets in Brasov (Romania)

    1271 reads Public and stakeholder involvement Walking and cycling Mobility management The City of Brasov together with the Agency for Energy and Environment's Protection Management (ABMEE), have...

  6. Case study
    08 March 2013

    Engaging citizens through social media in sustainable urban mobility planning in Aberdeen (UK)

    3729 reads Urban mobility planning Public and stakeholder involvement Northern Europe United Kingdom Aberdeen stakeholder involvement Aberdeen has seen several iterations of Transport Plans, its first Local...

  7. Case study
    17 August 2010

    Consulting the public to help create a sustainable transport campaign in Cork (Ireland)

    858 reads Public and stakeholder involvement Mobility management The city of Cork in Ireland started a public consultation with the aim to to gain insight into the perceptions of the citizens of the issues...

  8. Case study
    20 December 2010

    Raising awareness of older people's PT needs in Kraków (Poland)

    2016 reads Public and stakeholder involvement Transport for people with reduced mobility Mobility management The aim of this campaign was to promote appropriate behaviour towards older people using public...

  9. Case study
    26 January 2012

    Using walking audits to raise awareness for active travel

    731 reads Public and stakeholder involvement Quality, audits and benchmarking Walking and cycling Europe-wide Several cities measures- campaigns measures- raising awareness monitoring / evaluation The IEE...

  10. Event
    27 October 2014

    5th Florence Urban Forum

    6213 reads Language English Energy Efficiency in Urban Public Transport English Security of energy supply as well as reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is currently high on the European policy...