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  1. Case study
    01 September 2006

    TPG Post Pakketservice running 56 vehicles in Amsterdam on 100% biodiesel

    2114 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Netherlands Amsterdam fuels- composition fuels – liquid regenerative infrastructure- (garages fueling stations …) reduction – greenhouse gases TPG Post...

  2. Case study
    05 September 2006

    Testing fuel-cell buses in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    992 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Since 2003, 27 fuel-cell-powered buses were tested in nine European cities as part of the European Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE)  project. Three of...

  3. Case study
    13 September 2006

    Cycling education for migrant women in Amsterdam and Tilburg (Netherlands)

    997 reads Walking and cycling Netherlands Amsterdam In the cities of Amsterdam (and Tilburg) cycling education classes are being organised especially aimed at migrant women. Background & Objectives...

  4. Case study
    15 January 2007

    OV-fiets: Public bicycles in the Netherlands

    7934 reads Walking and cycling Netherlands Country wide measures- rental services user groups- commuters OV Fiets is a pilot project in the Netherlands that started in 2002, aiming at making the bicycle a...

  5. Case study
    22 July 2007

    Ede Business Area. Netherlands

    263 reads Urban mobility planning Netherlands Ede With the expansion of existing industrial parks in Ede accessibility to the site is set to become a key issue. This project aims to address this by...

  6. Case study
    06 August 2007

    Cycle indicator influences car driver’s speed (The Netherlands)

    804 reads Walking and cycling Netherlands Breda An electronic cycle indicator at a crossing near Zeeuwse Grijpskerke in the Netherlands reduces car driver’s speed and provides cyclists with a safer feeling;...

  7. Case study
    19 September 2007

    Delivering goods by cargo tram in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    5267 reads Urban freight/city logistics Netherlands Amsterdam Alternative fuel vehicles last-mile solutions (to customer) multimodal transport From 7-31 March 2007, CityCargo Amsterdam held a pilot project...

  8. Case study
    12 October 2007

    Safety for children in Delft (the Netherlands)

    648 reads Netherlands Delft Since 2004, the city of Delft has introduced seven measures aiming to improve traffic safety in school areas, nurseries and on school routes. Background & Objectives The city...

  9. Case study
    12 October 2007

    Mobility Management in Erasmus Medical Centre (city of Rotterdam. the Netherlands)

    482 reads Mobility management Netherlands Rotterdam measures- awareness raising MM for cities & Regions MM for employers user groups- commuters Erasmus Medical Centre (city of Rotterdam) employs 10 000...

  10. Case study
    12 October 2007

    Free guarded cycle parking in the city of Groningen (the Netherlands)

    3828 reads Walking and cycling Netherlands Groningen infrastructure- parking planning- theft prevention Being confronted with a large number of bicycles near the Groningen railway station, the local...