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  1. News
    21 December 2010

    Electric recharging stations for car sharing in Milan (Italy)

    336 reads “GuidaMi”, the car sharing service in Milan aims to introduce 20 new electric car charging stations for its car sharing clients. “GuidaMi”, the car sharing service in Milan aims to introduce 20...

  2. News
    22 December 2010

    Emilia-Romagna Region signed a protocol to develop electric mobility (Italy)

    583 reads A protocol has been signed for 3 pilot projects in Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Rimini to develop electric charging stations. A protocol (the first in Italy at regional level) has been signed...

  3. News
    02 March 2011

    A new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan has been approved in Turin (Italy)

    701 reads On the 7th of February 2011 the Municipality of Turin in Northern Italy approved a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) with the aim of reducing traffic congestion as well as greenhouse...

  4. News
    08 March 2011

    TNT, Iveco and Gucci launch sustainable High Street Fashion” service in Milan (Italy)

    4469 reads TNT, Iveco e Gucci have launched the “High Street Fashion” service in Milan, a new city logistics solution for sustainable deliveries to the major shopping streets of European cities. The pilot...

  5. News
    14 April 2011

    E-Mobility in Mountain Areas (Italy)

    303 reads The Province of Belluno and Dolomiti Bus S.p.A. have worked together to spread awareness among the general public regarding sustainable, eco-friendly mobility by introducing electric vehicles in...

  6. News
    26 September 2011

    New eco-driving algorithm developed by an Italian research group (Italy)

    730 reads The algorithm optimises driving styles according to some key eco-driving rules and calculates an EcoIndex that measures the drivers performance. The EcoIndex is independent from road, vehicle type...

  7. News
    19 January 2012

    A package of innovative vehicles and tools to foster electric mobility in Modena (Italy)

    426 reads Electric Mobility Cities (Città a mobilità Elettrica) is a pilot project that aims to demonstrate that the clean and sustainable mobility concept is applicable in our cities. It provides...

  8. News
    09 January 2014

    New electric bus takes the stress and emissions out of Christmas shopping in Rome (Italy)

    769 reads Christmas shoppers in Rome were able to skip traffic queues and save themselves the trouble of finding a parking spot by taking a new electric shuttle bus that serves the city centre. Rome’s...

  9. News
    25 March 2014

    Naples metro redevelopment heralded as example of best environmental practice (Italy)

    1000 reads The redevelopment of the Naples metro has resulted in improved environmental performance and better service. Of a total investment of €400 million to upgrade the system's Line 1, 50 per cent...

  10. News
    22 May 2014

    Italy offers incentives for low-emission vehicles

    3132 reads Millions of euros in funding have been made available by the Italian government to encourage citizens, companies and public services to buy green vehicles. Run by the Ministry of Economic...