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  1. Case study
    26 November 2012

    Walking School Bus in Nicosia. Cyprus

    467 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Cyprus Nicosia planning- safety and security campaigns (large scale) measures- awareness raising measures- mobility managment services MM for schools Within...

  2. Case study
    03 January 2008

    Free bus travel for students in Larnaca. Cyprus

    160 reads Collective passenger transport Cyprus Larnaca fares- concessions fares- fare structure planning- ticketing In order to combat increasingly high car ownership and its related negative environmental...

  3. Case study
    29 August 2008

    New urban planning/ traffic management scheme in Protaras (Cyprus)

    1898 reads Urban mobility planning Walking and cycling Cyprus Protaras Protaras Strip is a a busy tourist commercial and entertainment corridor that has undergone a full urban rejuvenation with traffic...

  4. Case study
    22 September 2008

    “Cycle Networks in Cyprus Towns”: the improvement of road networks by incorporating bicycle infrastructure into...

    343 reads Walking and cycling Cyprus Nicosia The “Cycle Networks in Cyprus Towns” project was an initiative to make practical changes to road networks in four Cyprus cities (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and...

  5. News
    04 August 2011

    Feasibility study launched for the re-introduction of train service in Cyprus

    635 reads After 60 years since the decommissioning of the island’s only railway line, Cyprus is now looking into establishing a railway network which would reduce travel times to one third. A feasibility...

  6. News
    12 December 2013

    Cypriot government plans to use EU funds to build more integrated mobility

    347 reads Developing integrated mobility would boost the economy and provide better quality of life. Cypriot authorities are hoping to use EU cohesion funds to implement changes to their transport...

  7. News
    16 April 2014

    Cypriot transport surveys raise questions for urban mobility planners

    676 reads The Cypriot Public Works Department carried out a survey to inform its efforts to improve bus services for commuters and to encourage more people and tourists to use the island nation's...

  8. News
    23 April 2014

    Nicosia aims to get citizens walking (Cyprus)

    864 reads Nicosia is planning to fully or partly pedestrianise 49 roads and convert five roads into one-way streets to improve the quality of life for its residents. The process of pedestrianisation will...

  9. News
    20 May 2014

    Transport the focus of Limassol's clean air pledge (Cyprus)

    1237 reads Limassol, the second-largest city on the island of Cyprus, is committing to a 20 percent cut in CO2 emissions by 2020, in line with EU 2020 targets. Changes to transport will be one of the...

  10. News
    22 September 2014

    Nicosia plans fleet of buses for city centre (Cyprus)

    1730 reads The capital of Cyprus intends to develop a fleet of smaller buses within the walls of the city's historic centre, with the goal of making it a car-free zone. There are currently no bus...