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  1. EMU article
    15 February 2018

    Eltis newsletter- January 2021

    letto 24297 volte Welcome to the January edition of the Eltis newsletter. To start the year, we highlight the release of the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) report on the recommendations for public...

  2. EMU article
    05 October 2017

    CIVITAS Forum 2017: Small Communities, Big Ideas

    From 27-29 September, close to 500 participants convened in Torres Vedras, Portugal, for the 15 th CIVITAS Forum. A diverse community of policy makers, practitioners, academics, and city representatives...

  3. EMU article
    30 August 2017

    EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK encourages citizens to get out from behind the windscreen

    To many motorists, cyclists are a source of annoyance – men and women on two-wheels who travel dangerously close to moving vehicles, slow down traffic, and generally make driving a less pleasant experience....

  4. EMU article
    31 July 2017

    Eltis Interview: Encouraging sustainable mobility in suburban districts

    This month, Eltis interviews Paz Valiente, the project coordinator of CIVITAS ECCENTRIC. Please sum up your project in a sentence. I am afraid I need two! ECCENTRIC seeks to put neighbourhoods found on the...

  5. EMU article
    30 June 2017

    Vulnerable Road Users and road safety in Europe

    Significant progress has been made in road transport safety since the early 2000s. The number of road deaths has fallen by 54%. Yet this should not breed complacency: certain road users still face...

  6. EMU article
    30 May 2017

    CIVITAS SUITS. An interview with the project coordinator

    This month Eltis interviews Andree Woodcock, the co-ordinator of the CIVITAS SUITS project. Please sum up your project in a sentence. SUITS aim is to substantially increase the capacity of small- and medium...

  7. EMU article
    24 April 2017

    SUMP Conference Review: Intelligent Planning for Sustainable Mobility

    On 29-30 March, nearly 400 participants convened in Dubrovnik, Croatia for the 4th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. This year's edition followed three previous conferences held...

  8. EMU article
    22 March 2017

    SUMP Conference Preview: Intelligent Planning for Sustainable Mobility

    Sustainable urban transport systems can greatly reduce noise and air pollution, lower energy use, improve citizen health and enhance quality of life. City planners across Europe are increasingly aware that...

  9. EMU article
    27 February 2017

    Eltis interview: Accelerating the uptake of SUMPs around Europe

    This month, Eltis interviews Cristina Garzillo, the co-ordinator of the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project.    Please sum up the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project in a sentence SUMPs-Up's goal is to provide cities with...

  10. EMU article
    25 January 2017

    Involving the public for better urban mobility planning

    Transport planning can be controversial. Infrastructural changes that affect peoples’ journeys, particularly if it forces them to modify their travel habits, can be met with public resistance. But involving...