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    15 January 2021

    Cities-4-People publishes its final set of deliverables

    44 keer gelezen Over three years have passed since the Cities-4-People project started. While the end of May 2020 should have marked the end of the project’s activities, the pandemic changed the plans and...

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    08 January 2021

    STF adopts report on recommendations for public authorities for electric recharging infrastructure

    360 reads The Sustainable Transport Forum (STF), a formal expert group advising the European Commission on the implementation of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive, has unanimously adopted a...

  3. News
    06 January 2021

    SUMP is coming to Hungary – new Hungarian translation now available

    302 reads By first publishing in English, the 2nd edition of the SUMP Guidelines was made available to cities worldwide. Meanwhile, many national institutions have been working to translate the SUMP...

  4. News
    31 December 2020

    Lithuania invests EUR 3 Million to scrap old cars for green mobility choices

    995 Aufrufe All around Europe, governments motivate people to rethink their mobility choices. To add some momentum, the Lithuanian government has launched a programme that rewards people to scrap their old,...

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    22 December 2020

    Transport for London reports more sustainable travelling but less cycling in 2019

    32 Aufrufe Towards the end of 2020, Transport for London (TfL) published its latest annual report, which included figures relating to transport for 2019, including developments in modal choices. That year,...

  6. News
    14 December 2020

    EEA report shows improvement in air quality over the past decade

    letto 47 volte In November, the European Environment Agency (EEA) launched its yearly Air Quality Report for 2020. The report is the latest of the Agency's annual assessments of the status, impacts and...

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    11 December 2020

    Living close to the workplace is a first priority for Finnish urban dwellers

    27 reads “Location, location, location” is a well-known saying in the world of real estate business. This year, it also became evident in the Finnish survey ' Sustainable Urban Environments barometer &...

  8. News
    09 December 2020

    European Commission presents plan for green, smart and affordable mobility

    214 reads The European Commission presented on 9 December 2020 its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.  Accompanying this strategy is an Action Plan which details 82 initiatives to provide guidance on...

  9. News
    07 December 2020

    Mobility as a Service converts people to active travel says study

    видяно 37 пъти The UK’s Department for Transport has published a study, “Future of Transport: User Study”, that sees 'Mobility as a Service' (MaaS) gaining momentum, particularly with younger...

  10. News
    30 November 2020

    Three Slovenian cities to beat air pollution with renewables, sustainable urban mobility

    19 čitanja The Slovenian government has announced an investment of €63 million to fight detrimental PM10 air quality pollution in 3 of the most affected areas: Maribor, Celje, and Murska Sobota. High...