Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Environment, energy and transport

    2721 reads This training material focuses on the relationship between local and regional urban transport, energy consumption and related environmental impacts. The material focuses especially on...

  2. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Alternative fuels

    5478 reads The subject of alternative fuels is extremely wide. This training material therefore focuses on the key aspects of a selection of alternative fuels, each one in its own individual section. As a...

  3. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Fundamentals on transport and energy

    2891 reads Fundamentals on transport and energy is a general introduction to the topic of mobility behaviour, conditions framework and the impacts of transport. The training material gives an overview on...

  4. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Cleaner fuels and vehicles

    3675 reads Over the last 15-20 years petrol and diesel vehicles have become far cleaner in terms of their ‘air quality’ emissions (i.e. pollutants that affect human health). There have also been some...

  5. Training material
    01 March 2011


    3135 reads Ecodriving is a smart way of driving, which contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption, emission of green house gases and accident rates. Ecodriving is an adapted driving style which best...

  6. Training material
    15 January 2013

    RECODRIVE training materials

    2940 reads RECODRIVE (Rewarding and Recognition Schemes for Energy Conserving Driving, Vehicle procurement and maintenance) was a project aiming at merging existing ecodriving initiatives with good fleet...

  7. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Clean Fuels, Clean Vehicles, Cleaner City

    3614 reads In June 2011, the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES, CIVITAS VANGUARD and BIOSIRE projects organised a joint event on alternative fuels and vehicles entitled ‘Clean Fuels, Clean Vehicles, Cleaner Cities’. The...

  8. Training material
    15 April 2015

    ACTUATE eco-driving training materials

    4399 reads The ACTUATE project has released a series of training materials designed to teach public transport staff about how to drive clean vehicles efficiently and safely. The materials are aimed at...

  9. Training material
    19 December 2016

    E-course: Management of Smart Cities

    5442 reads Based on the successful experience of the Management of Urban Infrastructures MOOC, we are happy to announce the release of our second free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), in February 2017, on...

  10. Training material
    03 January 2017

    CIVITAS e-course: access regulations

    1825 reads There are over 500 urban vehicle access regulations (UVARs) in Europe, controlling entry of vehicles to an area of a town or city. They are implemented to improve the quality of life in towns and...