Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    05 December 2012
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    16 January 2007
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    26 July 2007
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    26 July 2007
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    16 March 2009
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    20 November 2010
  7. News
    24 December 2010

    France to pilot low emission zones

    456 reads French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, and the president of ADEME, have announced the names of the six urban areas which have been selected to pilot Air...

  8. News
    29 September 2011

    New cars delivered by barge in Paris (France)

    531 reads A new barge service on the Seine will deliver new cars to dealers and car rental firms in the centre of Paris. The service, named Distri, has beed developed by the French inland waterway company...

  9. News
    20 October 2011

    Improvement of goods delivery conditions in town and reduction of impacts (France)

    365 reads In Greater Lyon a new service (FREILOT) of goods delivery is being trialed to reduce environmental impacts. Lyon (France), alongside Bilbao (Spain), Helmond (Netherlands) and Cracow (Poland) is...

  10. News
    20 October 2011

    The last delivery kilometre should be environmentally friendly (France)

    431 reads A French goods delivery company currently serving Paris and Lille is being equipped with electrical cars. Colizen Delivery Company has just signed an agreement with Renault to equip its delivery...