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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    01 October 2012
  2. Case study
    02 August 2007
  3. Case study
    03 August 2007
  4. News
    24 October 2012

    Trondheim hands out money to pedestrians and cyclists (Norway)

    1374 reads The Norwegian municipality of Trondheim celebrated European Mobility Week by giving away money to pedestrians and cyclists. This symbolic act precedes large-scale investments in improving cycling...

  5. News
    25 May 2018

    Oslo experiments with car free ‘heart zones’ around schools

    1543 reads   The City of Oslo has begun an experiment with a ‘heart zone’, which are car-free zones around schools. Elsewhere in Norway, the concept of ‘Hjertesoner’ is already commonplace. A heart zone is...