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  1. Video
    21 May 2021

    ULaaDS (Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service)- Meet Uly!

    project. This animated video from the ULaaDS project gives viewers a digestible visual introduction to some ...

  2. Video
    23 November 2017

    Terrassa Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2016-2021

    2944 reads The new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) in Terrassa established the action plan for 2016-21. It incorporates a group of measures aimed at reducing the accident rate, noise pollution and...

  3. Video
    11 July 2017

    FREVUE- FReight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe

    animation video clip highlights these benefits. 4133 reads Europe-wide Europe-wide FREVUE project Other ...

  4. Video
    17 September 2015

    Urban hub BentoBox fosters more sustainable urban freight delivery in Berlin (Germany)

    3808 reads The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is home to 3.5 million inhabitants. Here, as in numerous other European cities, heavy traffic creates major problems. In 2011, during the EU logistics project...

  5. Video
    26 August 2015

    Sustainable deliveries of goods in Paris (France)

    2889 reads Paris and its suburbs count over 12 million inhabitants, which makes the city one of the largest economic centres in Europe, leading to a high demand for freight and a consequent increase in...

  6. Video
    05 June 2014

    Recicleta- waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

    6204 reads Romania Bucharest Eltis Urban freight/city logistics ...

  7. Video
    05 June 2014

    CarGoTram Dresden (Germany)- How tramcars avoid truck transfers

    5563 reads Germany Dresden Eltis Urban freight/city logistics ...

  8. Video
    05 June 2014

    Budapest: The city’s biggest bicycle courier service

    6466 reads Hungary Budapest Eltis Urban freight/city logistics ...

  9. Video
    05 June 2014

    Bicycle goods delivery service in San Sebastian, Spain

    5436 reads Spain San Sebastian Eltis Urban freight/city logistics ...