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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    28 February 2005

    Final report from Urban Thematic Strategy working group on urban transport plans available

    595 reads The Communication Towards a Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment proposes to make mandatory all the cities of more than 100.000 inhabitants to adopt urban transport plans. In 2004, the...

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    27 March 2003

    EU law on sulphur-free fuels in force

    576 reads The new Directive aims at limiting the amount of sulphur in road vehicle fuels at 10 ppm from 2009 A new Directive which aims at limiting the amount of sulphur in road vehicle fuels at 10 ppm from...

  3. News
    26 March 2003

    EU public opinion on energy related issues

    572 reads A quarter of interviewees in a Eurobarometer report based on some 16,000 EU citizens accepts the idea of imposing stricter regulations on cars Energy: issues, options and technologies, a...

  4. News
    25 March 2003

    Congestion charging scheme in London: results from the first month

    655 reads Traffic in London has decreased by 20%, and bus passengers increased by 14% with the implementation of the congestion charge scheme The congestion charge scheme started in Central London on the...

  5. News
    24 March 2003

    Presentation of the BESTRANS (Benchmarking of Energy and Emission Performance in Urban Public Transport Operators) in...

    701 reads BESTRANS, a project of the SAVE programme of the European Community, aims to develop a benchmarking methodology for energy and emission performance in the urban public passenger sector and to...

  6. News
    20 March 2003

    European training programme for urban transport professionals

    400 reads The EU training programme on urban transport policies and measures is open for applications from participants interested to join in 2003/2004 DG TREN of the European Commission, has developed a...

  7. News
    18 March 2003

    BESTUFS’ (BEST Urban Freight Solutions) third Best Practice Handbook and Clustering Report available

    746 reads The Best Practice Handbook Year 3 (2002) is on the themes of Road Pricing and Urban Freight and Urban Distribution Platforms, and the Recommendations will follow in March 2003 BESTUFS (BEST Urban...

  8. News
    18 March 2003

    Opening of the World Carshare Cafe

    758 reads The World Carshare Cafe is an open world wide discussion area to exchange opinions on the topic of car-sharing The @World Carshare Consortium is an open platform for international collaboration,...

  9. News
    14 March 2003

    Traffic safety research in France

    702 reads The French Transport Ministry is seeking projects on road safety, within the fields of vulnerable road users (VRUs) and innovative concepts in traffic safety The French Transport Ministry is to...

  10. News
    13 March 2003

    Important information related to FP6s first call

    933 reads The Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS) will not be available before the first call deadline Important information related to FP6 The Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS) will...