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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    Bucharest- Shuttle service for employees

    5599 reads Romania Bucharest Other Traffic and demand management ...

  2. Case study
    07 August 2008
  3. Case study
    04 February 2013
  4. Case study
    12 March 2008
  5. Case study
    23 April 2008
  6. News
    31 May 2011

    New bus and cycle lanes for Bucharest (Romania)

    701 reads The Bucharest City Hall has developed a new system of one-way restrictions for some of the main streets inside the inner ring road. The Romanian capital of Bucharest- like most other major cities-...

  7. News
    19 July 2011

    Traffic management becomes a priority in Oradea (Romania)

    579 reads In Oradea City (Romania) a traffic management centre will be set up in order to optimise traffic within the city. The project has been approved by Oradea’s Local Council at the end of June and...

  8. News
    11 November 2011

    Romanian banks compete with smart cards offer (Romania)

    759 reads This year, two Romanian banks launched smart cards that work for shopping, banking and public transport trips. The competition between them is very tight since they both offer special facilities...

  9. News
    05 January 2012

    Vehicle monitoring makes public transport in Bucharest more user-friendly (Romania)

    358 reads RATB, Bucharest's public transport operator, wants to improve and adapt the mobility of its fleet to the existing traffic conditions by purchasing a monitoring and control system. This...

  10. News
    14 March 2012

    Cluj closes more streets to traffic (Romania)

    329 reads Cluj is one of the first Romanian cities to recognise the importance of restructuring the historic centre by closing streets to motorised traffic. Ideas and discussions started in 2008 with...