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  1. Case study
    05 November 2007

    Controlled vehicle access in Valletta (Malta)

    672 reads Traffic and demand management Malta Valletta automatic number plate recognition exemptions from demand management road pricing- congestion charge road pricing- cordon charge traffic control...

  2. Case study
    05 November 2007

    A strategy for improving accessibility. Valletta. Malta

    1202 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management Intermodality Malta Valletta measures- park & ride traffic control management traffic optimisation The Government commissioned a...

  3. News
    31 October 2014

    Malta begins developing intelligent transport system

    1779 reads Malta has started work on a nationwide intelligent transport system (ITS) that will help reduce traffic congestion and give public transport and emergency vehicles priority at traffic lights. The...

  4. News
    16 February 2015

    Congestion to cost Malta € 317m a year

    1600 reads Traffic problems in Malta will cost the government and transport authorities € 317m by 2020 unless they improve public transport, reduce private car ownership and change school hours, say experts...

  5. Case study
    01 June 2015

    Valletta’s pioneering congestion charge (Malta)

    4720 reads Traffic and demand management In 2007 Valletta launched a Controlled Vehicular Access (CVA) system that was widely considered the next evolutionary step from the London congestion charge. Before...

  6. News
    03 April 2018

    Traffic issues in Malta blamed for public transport complaints

    502 reads Malta Public Transport (MTP) has informed The Malta Independent on Sunday that it is unable to reach its full capacity because of traffic congestion. The Malta Independent reported that the MTP...