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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    27 July 2007

    Paying for Parking by Phone in Cork/Ireland

    516 reads Traffic and demand management Ireland Cork enforcement of demand management parking charging parking management On Sept. 2004 the Final System Design of the new parking payment system was...

  2. Case study
    07 October 2011

    Changing the mobility choices of hospital staff in Dublin (Ireland)

    848 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Traffic and demand management Through a holistic approach to mobility management, the Children's University Hospital Temple Street has achieved a 44...

  3. News
    01 July 2015

    Dublin proposes access restrictions on cars (Ireland)

    1568 reads Dublin City Council and Ireland's National Transport Authority have released plans that will see vehicle access to the city centre restricted and streets re-designed for walking, cycling and...