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  1. Case study
    01 January 1971

    Healthier Environment through Abatement of Vehicle Emission and Noise (HEAVEN) project

    1543 reads Traffic and demand management Europe-wide Several cities With the aim of developing a Decision Support System that could evaluate the environmental effects of Transport Demand Management...

  2. Case study
    20 August 2007

    Eco-Driving Europe

    227 reads Traffic and demand management Europe-wide regionwide In the last decades, engine technology and performance of passenger cars, lorries and buses have improved rapidly, however, most drivers have...

  3. News
    14 January 2011

    Call for tender: The continuation of the transport research knowledge centre

    228 reads The European Commission (EC) is launching this invitation to tender for services with a view to conclude a contract with a tenderer (or consortium) for continuing the ongoing Transport Research...

  4. News
    01 February 2011

    Do strict speed limits really reduce traffic emissions?

    172 reads Environmental policy makers increasingly rely on computer models to test traffic policies. Researchers have investigated the impact of reducing speed limits on traffic emissions using two...

  5. News
    14 February 2011

    Dedicated daytime running lights mandatory for all new cars from 2011 onwards

    180 reads Dedicated daytime running lights (DRLs) are the lamps on vehicles that switch on automatically when the engine is started. They substantially increase the visibility of motor vehicles. From 2011...

  6. News
    14 February 2011

    Call for proposals: Telematics Applications for Passengers' services (TAP)

    186 reads The European Commission intends to award grants to promote the development and deployment of telematics applications for rail passenger services. The technical harmonisation in the rail sector...

  7. News
    24 May 2011

    Shortlist for Research Award of International Transport Forum

    327 reads The International Transport Forum at the OECD, an intergovernmental organisation for the transport sector that comprises 52 countries, has announced the names and projects of candidates...

  8. News
    26 May 2011

    Arriva Denmark wins Transport Achievement Award 2011

    433 reads Arriva Denmark wins prestigious transport prize Special mentions for Istanbul Rapid Bus Transit, Turkey, and DHL Global Forwarding, Germany The International Transport Forum at the OECD, an...

  9. News
    07 July 2011

    Green-Light on Road Safety Legislation from European Parliament

    212 reads We congratulate MEPs for their vote on this long-awaited piece of legislation,” said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director after the results of the European Parliament vote on the Cross-Border...

  10. News
    25 July 2011

    Drink Driving Monitor 14

    231 reads News from across the EU on steps to further improve drink driving legislation and enforcement. The new legislation on mandatory breath testing in Ireland and the ETSC alcolock legislation...