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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    09 December 2010

    How accessible is London’s transport network?: a new report (UK)

    291 reads A new report concludes that more than 1 in 10 Londoners cannot access large sections of the Tube network due to limited availability of trains and stations that are accessible to people with...

  2. News
    17 December 2010

    Bristol University opens car club for students (UK)

    448 reads The University of Bristol (UK) and Streetcar is to offer its service to students at the university, to encourage them to consider more sustainable travel habits. The University of Bristol (UK) and...

  3. News
    15 December 2010

    New Christmas anti-drink driving campaign (Wales)

    licence, and maybe even your life or that of another. Source: Welsh Assembly Government news United Kingdom ...

  4. News
    08 December 2010

    Bike It: Changing lives for the better (UK)

    348 reads UK Sustrans' School Travel team work with thousands of children each year increasing the opportunities to walk and cycle more. Take a few minutes to watch this film showing how Sustrans'...

  5. News
    17 December 2010

    Unattended bus lane enforcement trial improves traffic flow (UK)

    the system throughout the city. Further details at ...

  6. News
    17 January 2011

    Increasing numbers of Londoners swapping their car for public transport (UK)

    232 reads Latest figures show there has been a 7 percent increase in the numbers of Londoners getting out of their cars and choosing to use public transport, walking or cycling in London. TfL has published...

  7. News
    07 January 2011

    London to be the electric car capital (United Kingdom)

    371 reads The Mayor of London launched Source London, an initiative to make London the electric car capital. The ultimate aim is for every Londoner to be within one mile of a charge point. In 2009, the...

  8. News
    17 January 2011

    London Safety Camera Partnership website wins international road safety award (UK)

    roads. More information: Transport for London Source: Transport for London News centre United Kingdom ...

  9. News
    18 January 2011

    New road safety evaluation website launched (UK)

    explain to potential users the benefits of using E-valu-it. Source: UK Department for Transport (News ...

  10. News
    18 January 2011

    New High Speed Rail proposals unveiled (UK)

    from places such as Milton Keynes and Coventry. Source: UK Department for Transport (news) United ...