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    08 November 2011

    Tax regime change in state budget for increased NOx focus (Norway)

    512 reads There will be changes in the tax regime for cars and fuel in the Norwegian state budget 2012. Everything indicates that Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) is on the agenda. The budget is the largest in the...

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    24 October 2012

    Trondheim hands out money to pedestrians and cyclists (Norway)

    1374 reads The Norwegian municipality of Trondheim celebrated European Mobility Week by giving away money to pedestrians and cyclists. This symbolic act precedes large-scale investments in improving cycling...

  3. News
    12 August 2013

    Idea competition to foster Oslo’s cycling ambitions (Norway)

    1362 reads FutureBuilt invites the public to take part in the ideas competition Get a bike. Break free!. The vision is to make Oslo one of the best cycling regions in Europe. The bicycle is having a...

  4. News
    06 January 2014

    Oslo's commitment to sustainable mobility highlighted in new research (Norway)

    1002 reads Coordination of land management and transport planning policy areas responsible for the city's sustainable development. The Norway-based Institute of Transport Economics has conducted an...

  5. News
    10 April 2014

    National Walking Strategy aims to get Norwegians moving

    1240 reads Norway's National Walking Strategy, developed by the Norwegian Public Road Administration, has now been adopted by the Norwegian government. With a mandate to set national targets for 2014-...

  6. News
    18 April 2014

    Norway plans for climate resilient transport infrastructure

    939 reads A partnership of several Norwegian government agencies responsible for transport and the environment has launched a new research and development initiative to protect transport infrastructure from...

  7. News
    04 March 2016

    Norway to spend €850 m on cycle super-highways

    2281 reads Norway has outlined its intention to develop cycle super-highways as part of a new national transport plan unveiled on Monday. Two super-highways will be introduced in the capital, Oslo, and...

  8. News
    04 May 2016

    Most effective ways to promote electric vehicles studied

    attractive. For more information, read the European Commission's Science for Environment Policy news ...

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    13 February 2017

    Oslo kids use app to help identify traffic problems (Norway)

    2821 reads The city of Oslo has created an app that enlists children as 'secret smartphone agents' to encourage them to walk and cycle to school and record traffic problems. The Traffic Agent app...

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    24 March 2017

    Greener and greener public transport north to Polar circle (Norway)

    1954 reads Tromsø is a small city in northern Norway, north to polar circle, with a population of approximately 73 000 people. Yet it has a very good public transportation system and it is getting better...