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  1. Case study
    20 March 2013

    Workplace Mobility Plans encourage companies towards sustainable urban mobility in Toulouse. France

    655 reads Traffic and demand management Mobility management France Toulouse measures- awareness raising measures- mobility managment services MM for employers Toulouse was selected a finalist for the SUMP...

  2. Case study
    14 April 2014

    Brest renews its SUMP as part of a master plan (France)

    3654 reads Urban mobility planning Mobility management Traffic and demand management The City of Brest has developed a comprehensive master plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In addition to a...

  3. Case study
    24 November 2006

    High level service bus routes in Lille (France)

    1837 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management France Lille measures- bus lanes measures- bus priority planning- network design planning- service integration The measure aims at...

  4. News
    16 December 2010

    Near Field Communication services in public transport in Nice (France)

    286 reads A recent study reports a positive assessment of the Cityzi scheme in Nice, the largest deployment of mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in France for a range of services, in...

  5. News
    09 March 2011

    Strasbourg proposes a citywide speed limit of 30km/h (France)

    227 reads The city of Strasbourg proposes to reduce the maximum speed limit in the whole city to 30km/h. A referendum on the proposal will take place in May 2011. Strasbourg proposes to reduce the maximum...

  6. News
    10 June 2011

    Citizens of Strasbourg voted on 30km/h zones. (France)

    281 reads The capital of Alsace began to count the 50,000 ballots for a possible 30km/h speed limit in all residential areas, i.e. 70% of roads. If those in favour of the measure win the vote, the project...

  7. News
    21 February 2012

    Cyclists are now allowed to turn right at red lights (France)

    292 reads France has taken a first step in making life easier for cyclists. They are now allowed to turn right at certain junctions that are equipped with new traffic lights and signs. This January the...

  8. News
    28 February 2012

    Motorway car-sharing areas (France)

    199 reads Four car-sharing areas have been opened on the “autoroute du soleil” (A7) in France. The journey from home to work represents 10% of car traffic on the A7 motorway. Now for the first time in...

  9. News
    27 April 2012

    No more cars near the Mont Saint Michel (France)

    259 reads One of the popular tourist attractions in Europe, the Mont Saint Michel, is each year drawing 600,000 vehicles that park on a temporary embankment very near the site. From 28 April, parking will...

  10. News
    27 August 2012

    Paris gets back its boulevards (France)

    416 reads The dream of the mayor of Paris, Betrand Delanoë, to reduce car traffic along the banks of the river Seine so that they can be used by cyclists and pedestrians, will become reality. In the 1960s,...