Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)


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Por Tom Nokes / Actualizado: 12 Mar 2021

CEF was created to accelerate the development of transport infrastructure across the EU. European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund interventions are planned in close cooperation with the support provided from the CEF, to ensure complementarity and avoid duplication of efforts.

A provisional agreement has been reached for adaptations to the CEF programme. While certain provisions, such as budget, remain open pending decisions on the EU’s overall long-term budget, the total proposed transport budget amounts to €27.2 billion.

In transport, the new CEF programme seeks to shift the focus to decarbonisation, and making transport connected, sustainable, inclusive, safe and secure. The proposed budget reflects this rebalancing: 60 % of transport resources would go to the development of basic infrastructure and 40% to modernising the existing network.

In 2019, the European Commission (EC) together with the European Investment Bank (EIB) launched a new CEF Transport Blending Facility, serving as a pilot for the next financial period. This is an innovative financial instrument to support projects contributing to the environmental sustainability and efficiency of the transport sector in Europe. With an initial budget of EUR 200 million from the EU budget, the Facility will finance investments in the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and in Alternative Fuels infrastructure, leveraging funds from the EIB, National Promotional Banks and private sector.