Activity 11.1: Update current plan regularly


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Por Admin Eltis / Actualizado: 04 Sep 2015


The evaluationinfo-icon results (> Activity 10.3: Check progress towards achieving the objectives) should feed back into the process regularly to optimise the process and the implementation. A certain flexibility to update the plan is needed to guarantee that new developments and insights are taken into account. Otherwise the plan might lose its effectiveness over time.



  • Respond to new developments.
  • Ensure that implementation is on track and targets are reached.
  • Optimise the implementation process.



  • Be flexible about updating the plan and making changes to measureinfo-icon implementation.
  • Identify areas where the objectives could not be reached or where new developments rendered the plan out of date.
  • Make corrections where necessary in cooperation with relevant actors. The implementation programme can be modified based on how the strategyinfo-icon performs during the implementation period, which usually lasts between three and ten years.
  • Set out clearly the changes to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planinfo-icon that result from the evaluation and get formal approval at the political level.


Timing and coordination

  • Review and update at least every five years.



Necessary amendments in implementation of measures identified.
Amendments discussed with actors concerned.
Plan update concluded.