Intelligent Transport Systems


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Por Admin Eltis / Actualizado: 20 Jun 2018

ITS apply information and communication technologies to enable users to be informed when using transport systems. This can result in improvements in the safety, efficiency and overall sustainability of transport. The European Commission also works to set the ground for the next generation of ITS solutions, through the deployment of Cooperative-ITS, paving the way for automation in the transport sector. By generating new services, ITS are key to supporting jobs and growth in the transport sector.

In order to be effective, the roll-out of ITS needs to be coherent and properly coordinated across the EU. The Digital Single Market Strategy sets out the EC’s aim to make more use of ITS solutions and this is supported by documents such as the ITS Action Plan, and activities like the coordinating action such as the C-Roads Platform.

For more information on legislation and policy in the field of ITS, see the following pages: