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Our monthly Eltis Mobility Update brings you news, events and case study highlights directly to your mailbox.

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Welcome to the June issue of the Eltis Newsletter.

This month features a selection of the latest mobility news, including an audit of EU action on urban mobility and new bold measures to tackle air pollution in Amsterdam.

This issue also includes a video presenting the work of the FinEst Smart Mobility project and a case study that describes a novel scheme to reduce commuter traffic in France.

The 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans takes place on 17 and 18 June in the city of Groningen. A draft version of the Revised SUMP Guidelines (including detailed topical guidance annexes on specific related areas) is now available on the Eltis portal, to give delegates the opportunity to provide their input in Groningen.

All interested parties (including those who are unable to attend the conference) have an additional opportunity to provide written feedback by 9 July. Further details on how to submit comments are available on Eltis together with the draft documents.

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Eltis newsletter - June 2019

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