Ralf Brand

Πρωτεύουσες καρτέλες

Cologne, Germany
Rupprecht Consult
  • Ειδήσεις - Updated: 25 Ιουν 2015 - 13:53:08
    Results from the EU-funded TRANSFORuM project, which contributed to the transformation of the European transport system towards better competitiveness and resource efficiency, are now available....
  • Θέμα φόρουμ - Updated: 10 Απρ 2015 - 20:12:50
    The Roadmap towards clean urban mobility of the TRANSFORuM project has now been released in a summary version for time-pressed readers at http://www.transforum-project.eu/resources/library.html. The...
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