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Brussels, Belgium
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  • Facts & figures - Updated: 31 Οκτ 2020 - 12:56:03
    The European Environment Agency's TERM 4 is a comparison of mean and maximum urban traffic and background emissions of NO2, PM2.5 and PM10. Its intention is to show the influence of traffic on air...
  • Facts & figures - Updated: 31 Οκτ 2020 - 12:49:48
    Radverkehr in Zahlen (Bicycle traffic in figures) is an Austrian report about cycling. It gives a statistical overview about cycling traffic from a number of different perspectives including  bicycle...
  • Facts & figures - Updated: 31 Οκτ 2020 - 12:47:13
    The International Transport Forum collects quarterly data on the short-term evolution of the transport sector in its 51 member countries to foresee trend shifts in the sector as a result of economic...
  • Facts & figures - Updated: 31 Οκτ 2020 - 12:43:34
    This Flash Eurobarometer, “Quality of life in European cities” (No 419), was conducted at the request of the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy to get a snapshot of people’s opinions...
  • Facts & figures - Updated: 31 Οκτ 2020 - 11:22:29
    The Public Transportation Fact Book, published annually, contains national aggregate statistical data covering all aspects of the transit industry in the United States and Canada. Major sections...
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