How to systematise decarbonisation in contemporary cities?


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How to systematise decarbonisation in contemporary cities?

Our SUMOSU STATION project –EIP SCC 5575- , which includes its own material infrastructure, proposes a roadmap for a Strategic Integration Plan (SIP) to contemporary cities which merges both their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and their Action Plans for Sustainable Energy. Up until now, these two key urban planning tools on their own have been unsuccessful at reducing both traffic congestion and CO2 emissions in big metropolis, however, we are convinced that, when combined together in this new approach (SIP), they can solve sustainable mobility problems as well as the power challenges of a quick connection to smart grids. Have you had similar experiences? We are looking forward to reading about them.

Nuestra aportación SUMOSU Stations, infraestructura física complementaria de integración " EIP SCC, 5575", propone la integración-fusión de los PMUS (Planes de Mobilidad Urbana Sostenibles) y PAES (Plan de Actuación de Energía Sostenible) en PEI (Plan Estrategico de Integración).
Entendemos que estos importantes instrumentos de planificación por separado no han conseguido descongestionar y tampoco descontaminar las grandes metrópolis, pero en conjunto resuelven tanto los problemas de movilidad como los de implantación de redes inteligentes.