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Από Roberto Tomasi / Ενημερώθηκε: 20 Nov 2019

The Urban Transport Community (UTC), one of the communities in the EU Interreg MED Programme, currently represents the following modular projects: CAMPsUmp, LOCATIONS, MOBILITAS, MOTIVATE, SUMPORT and REMEDIO. All these projects work towards sustainable mobility solutions that are tailor made to meet challenges in the respective areas and are based on sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs). GO SUMP is a horizontal project that aims to support the Community as the isolated work of earlier projects has reduced their impact outside their specific territories, hampering the transfer and replication of results at transnational level. Using a bottom-up and top-down approach between thematic and governance priority axes, the GO SUMP project was therefore launched to ensure networking and synergies within the UTC. Through a specialized partnership composed by Malaga Council, REC Slovenia, EUROCITIES, MEDCITIES, CODATU and UNIMED as the backbone of the working structure, GO SUMP works to solve this gap by guiding and supporting modular projects as a community, to improve the visibility, capitalization and mainstreaming of their results through joint strategies based on synergies and networking. GO SUMP acts as a bridge between the Med Programme and projects, and the stakeholders for their communication and capitalization through key thematic groups such as ELTIS, the CIVITAS Initiative, Mobility Week, the Covenant of Mayors and Cities for Mobility. By capitalizing good and especially bad practices, the horizontal project contributes to a unique identity on SUMPs in the Med cities, enhancing their peculiarities as a key to implement low carbon transport & mobility measures.

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Past member
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Νοέμβριος, 2016 to Νοέμβριος, 2019