Málaga's SUMP goal-setting through stakeholder involvement (Spain)


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Από Eltis Team / Ενημερώθηκε: 17 Sep 2015

Málaga is a southern Spanish city, a home to 569 000 people. In 2014, for economic, social and technical reasons, the city was forced to review its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. But Málaga saw this as an opportunity to involve stakeholders and the public in the improvement of mobility and quality of life in the city!

A Technical Committee has been set up to co-ordinate the review, bringing together representatives from the municipality, from the municipal transport company and from a non-profit foundation, working on economic and social development. Several public meetings have also been organised, where citizens and stakeholders – from cycling associations to university researchers and businesses – could be informed and give their opinions and suggestions. With this feedback, measures related to e-mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems and heavy-goods vehicle regulation have been drafted. A wide public consultation will be held before final approval of the new mobility plan.

Urban mobility planning
Public and stakeholder involvement