Workshop presents ICT solutions for mobility impaired (Spain)

By News Editor / Updated: 23 Jun 2016

Madrid City Council together with the EU-funded SIMON mobility project hosted a seminar last week to present applications and services that can help people with disabilities and elderly people with mobility and parking.

Some 100 people attended the seminar, including mobility managers and representatives from Spanish public authorities and associations.

Inés Sabanés, Madrid’s delegate for the environment and mobility, opened the session, expressing Madrid’s willingness to build a better and more inclusive city that is more open to citizens and their needs.

Participants discussed the applications and services developed by the SIMON project, and showed how they can ease mobility and parking for disabled and elderly users. 

The seminar also heard about the main difficulties for people with disabilities regarding accessibility, mobility and transport, and how ICT initiatives (like SIMON) can contribute to remove these obstacles. 

SIMON is a demonstration project, with three large-scale pilots in Madrid (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and Parma (Italy) that aims to promote independent living and the societal participation of mobility-impaired people.

It is developing a mobile application to support mobility-impaired citizens to use public and private transport modes.

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